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Editorial Musings

I sat down today to work on my novel – it’s written, and I’m currently on the first pass edit – and the friendly little “Welcome Back” flag on my Word document politely reminded me that I hadn’t made any changes to the document since July. Eek! No wonder my dream of being published by 30 never quite came to fruition! I mean, honestly. I have no excuse for not working out a regular editing schedule except my own predilection for Netflix and sudoku.

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A sunny, pretty coffee shop is one good way to get back on the horse!

I could sit here and work out a whole, long editing schedule. But you know how that goes (or at least how it goes with me). I put more effort into prettifying the list with coloured boxes and bullet points than I ever do into actually applying what I plan. So – that’s not going to work.

What I need is some kind of shove and – yes – guilt! I need someone to poke me and prod me and threaten withholding love and/or cookies. It’s just the way I work! I have never missed a “real” deadline, like, the kind that comes with a paycheque. When it comes to my personal endeavours, though, I can be a right lazy lump.

In amongst all this self-depreciation, it occurs to me that I’m not unique. I’m not the only person on the planet who doesn’t get things done without a metaphorical gun to her head. Out there in the big, wide, world, there’s a collective of us who sit on our butts doing whatever time-waster we’re currently hooked on – sudoku is a good brain exercise, though! – and continuously push back our own deadlines as if they don’t deserve the same recognition and respect as the ones that pay. You pretend that long enough, though, and you convince yourself it’s true.

So, I think to myself, what if there was a platform out there for people to push each other. Oh, I’m certain something like this exists, but such things are rarely set up the way I want, in a way that’s conducive to productivity.

Therefore! I’m going to reach out on my – severely limited – social media spaces and enquire whether anyone else feels they need a group of like-minded lazy bums. We could push, prod, and withhold baking, guilt each other into getting shit done by bragging about our own accomplishments. Surely the knowledge that a few people would “high five” you could be enough to make you do a bit of personal development work.

If you’re reading this and you’re interested in making this hypothetical community a reality – get in touch!

May your work be playful 🙂

Shannon xo

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