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Sirsasana (Headstand)

If you’ve read my other blog posts, you might have noticed I’m kinda into yoga. “Kinda”, as in I do at least a little every day, fangirl over yoga rockstars like Erin Motz (Bad Yogi – I’ve met her, you guys! We shared gelato in France!) and Rachel Brathen/Yoga Girl (her podcast is amazing), and am planning to take my Yoga Teacher Training in the spring (you know, blog incoming about my lengthy chat with my future YTT instructor, I think!). The title of this post might imply I plan to start writing Asana-specific blog posts, but while that’s actually a fairly good idea, I’m writing about this for two other reasons:

  1. My post-per-day for two weeks plan totally went off the rails (in my defence, I’ve been super busy), and
  2. I was doing a bit of bouncing around Erin’s site and stumbled onto a post by one of her posse that spoke briefly about the benefits of incorporating headstand into daily life.

Now, I knew headstand was a useful pose, and I about went through the roof with excitement when I finally taught myself to do one (without the wall, even!) last year. But I didn’t realize the really, really lengthy list of good stuff that comes out of a regular practice of Sirsasana. (Honestly, I don’t think you need to know the Sanskrit terms to call yourself a yogi, but aren’t they just so pretty?)

I could list them all here, but I found post by Fran Gallo that goes into a lot of detail. I mean, Dude – she lists 18 reasons to do headstand. Eighteen! There aren’t many things you can spend just one to five minutes doing each day that deliver 18 health benefits. (Or maybe there are, whatever. I bet you don’t do most of them.)

The other thing I like about her post is that her images and discussion take a lot of the honed skill and scariness out of doing a headstand. You can use a wall, you can use a headstand bench (uh, yeah, gettin’ me one of these), you can use a pillow. Basically, except for a bit of core strength and obviously improving balance, being able to do a headstand away from the wall, right on the floor doesn’t give you more benefits than doing it supported. Plus it puts a strain on your neck. (Handless-headstands are incredible to see, but no one will ever convince me it’s good for your neck/head to support all/almost all your body weight.)

Anywho, if you’re a bit of a yogi or a lot of a yogi and you’ve thought about headstands – and who hasn’t? – check out this post. As for me, I do headstand most days but I’m going to start trying to incorporate it into every practice and work on holding it for a little longer.

Here’s to health, the natural way! 🙂

yoga headstand daily shannon kirk writer

If you plan to document your headstand journey, you should know: no one (and I mean no one) looks “sexy” in headstand. And yes, my ceilings are as low as they look.

xo Shannon

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